#cut50 Partners with PJI on Louisiana’s Day of Empathy


On Wednesday March 1, 2017 criminal justice reform groups #cut50, the Promise of Justice Initiative, and Louisianans for Prison Alternatives invited the public and members of the Justice Reinvestment Task Force to come together to discuss the policy recommendations the Task Force will submit to the legislature.


The event was a part of #cut50’s National Day of Empathy campaign aimed at humanizing the lives of people impacted by America’s criminal justice system, including people who have been incarcerated, their families and friends, and crime survivors.

The national day of action was organized by #cut50, a bipartisan initiative founded by Van Jones and Jessica Jackson Sloan working to make our communities safer while decreasing the prison population. In addition to Louisiana, over fifty state and national organizations participated in the Day of Empathy in order to reach hundreds of lawmakers.



#cut50 Partners with PJI on Louisiana’s Day of Empathy
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