On the Passing of Our Hero, Sam Dalton

Sam Dalton, a hero to us at the Promise of Justice Initiative, passed away on Tuesday, September 7th, 2017.

Sam was a renowned criminal defense and civil rights attorneys. From creating a model for public defender systems as the founding chairman of the Jefferson Parish Indigent Defender Board (1976-1999) to serving as defense counsel in 300 death penalty cases, Sam’s career has served as an inspiration to us all.  Both his words and actions helped to restore the balance between the powerful and the people and to ensure those with power are reminded of their humility.

Justice and civil rights reform in Louisiana would not be the same without Sam Dalton’s incredible work. Our community has lost an incredible man and we hope to continue his legacy. He was a giant upon whose shoulders we all stand today. Last year, our own Ben Cohen was given the Sam Dalton Award, and as Ben Cohen perfectly summarized our feelings on Sam Dalton’s passing:

“The world will miss his fierceness.” 

We are all lucky to have come after Sam. 



On the Passing of Our Hero, Sam Dalton
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