With Her Conviction Vacated, Bobbie Jean Johnson is Free

                                 “Her trial was unfair. It was a tragedy of our justice system.”

-Cecelia Kappel, counsel for Bobbie Jean Johnson.

Bobbie Jean Johnson emerged from prison a free woman last Thursday. Convicted at 19 years old in 1977, Ms. Johnson has never lived an adult life outside of prison walls. Read about the unjust trial and the coercive interrogation techniques which led to this injustice in this Advocate article written by Matt Sledge.

With the help of dedicated PJI attorneys, Caroline Tillman and Cecelia Kappel, along with our incredible partners at The Innocence Project New Orleans, Bobbie Jean Johnson was able to plea on a lesser charge and regain her freedom. Criminal District Court Judge Robin Pittman told Ms. Johnson that “I wasn’t here at the beginning of the story, but I am here at the end. Good to meet you, and good luck to you. I’m glad this day has come.”

Today Bobbie Jean Johnson is moving to Atlanta to live with her sister, Betty. She loves to craft and hopes to someday open a beauty salon. Bobbie Jean not only has to put her harrowing experience behind her, but also start a life from scratch. Please consider donating to her personal Freedom Fund or help her begin a new life by purchasing something from her Amazon Wishlist

Bobbie Jean Johnson reunites with her sister.

With Her Conviction Vacated, Bobbie Jean Johnson is Free
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