COREY WILLIAMS IS FINALLY FREE, after 20 years in prison.

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In 1998, Corey Williams, was barely 16, when he was arrested for first degree murder. He was convicted and sent to death row. After years of tirelessly fighting for Corey, and public outcry over the troubling circumstances of his case, Corey is being released as a result of a negotiated settlement with the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office. Since he was charged, Corey Williams has always insisted on his innocence. His Petition for Certiorari was pending at the United States Supreme Court, and joined by a series of amici including Former Prosecutors and Department of Justice officialsThe Innocence Project of New Orleans, and the Fair Punishment Project

Given the prospect of years more time in prison fighting his conviction, and the uncertainty of justice in the courts, today Corey pled guilty to lesser offenses in an agreement that allowed him to walk out of prison.

Corey will have nothing but the prison shirt on his back when he walks out of Angola, a free man after 20 years of painful incarceration. You can help him rebuild his life. Please consider donating to help Corey get on his feet and start his life over.

You can learn more about the horrific injustice Corey was dealt on our website, or in SlateThe Brennan Center for Justice,The New York Times, and The Marshall Project.

COREY WILLIAMS IS FINALLY FREE, after 20 years in prison.
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