Community Reacts to PJI’s Report “Dying in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison”

On Wednesday, August 15th, PJI released a new investigative report into the jail conditions at the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison (EBRPP) as part of our ongoing investigation #exposeBRjail. 

PJI’s investigation began after Baton Rouge protests over Alton Sterling’s murder. PJI’s investigative team learned about the horrific conditions of the jail from first person-accounts of protesters who were arrested en masse and placed in the jail. Our first report Punished Protesters in Baton Rouge led PJI to uncovering numerous unexplained and preventable deaths at the prison. The report connected family members and victims of the dangerous jail. The Baton Rouge community has formed the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison Reform Coalition to explore solutions and reform measures to address the deplorable and deadly conditions of the jail. 

Read our latest report Dying at East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

Check out more media coverage of PJI’s most recent report: 

The Advocate: Report: Inmate Deaths in East Baton Rouge Higher than National Average; Jail fails to Provide Adequate Protection.

The Times-Picayune: 25 Dead in 4 years: ‘Abysmal Conditions’ prove Fatal in Baton Rouge Jail, Report Says.

Channel 9 WAFB: Study Slams East Baton Rouge Parish Prison Safety. Promise of Justice Initiative Released Report on Deaths in EBR Parish Prison.

The Appeal: Most Recent Deaths at East Baton Rouge Jail Could have been Avoided.

Community Reacts to PJI’s Report “Dying in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison”
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