Unanimous Jury Conversation Takes Center Stage

From Washington Post, John Legend (Danny Moloshok/Invision/AP)

The public sphere is humming with conversation about Louisiana’s white supremacist non-unanimous jury law. This Washington Post piece, by John Legend, discusses the injustices that non-unanimous juries bring to all citizens of Louisiana. Legend asserts that non-unanimous juries create a “system in which felony trials are held without the full participation of African Americans.”

PJI is proud to be a member of the Unanimous Jury Coalition– a group of dedicated community members, organizations, and victims of the non-unanimous jury system. 

Non-Unanimous Juries in the News: 

The Advocate – Grace Notes: John Legend’s Right; Unanimous Jury Change Belongs in Criminal Justice Reform Conversation

The Times Picayune – Convincing the Whole Jury is the Least Prosecutors Could Do

Washington Post, John Legend: It’s Time for Louisiana to Strip White Supremacy from its Constitution

Unanimous Jury Conversation Takes Center Stage
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