PJI’s Extreme Heat Case Settles

In 2012, PJI started investigating the atrocious heat conditions on death row. Clients were trying to access relief from temperatures reaching into the 100’s, bars and walls hot to the touch, no access to cool showers or ice, and interference of heat with medications that threatened their health. In 2013, we went to trial, partnering with Atty. Nilay Vora and Atty. Steve Sheckman. The court ruled that there was a clear 8th Amendment violation.  After multiple appeals from the Department of Corrections, numerous arguments about what qualified as acceptable heat conditions, a settlement agreement has been reached. PJI led a team to settle the case this year, winning conditions for our clients that don’t put their health in danger, and sets a precedent for what is acceptable temperature in prison.

PJI’s Extreme Heat Case Settles
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