Ramos v. Louisiana: PJI at the Supreme Court Today

Last year, PJI played a key role in building the coalition of groups – conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats, defense lawyers and prosecutors, defendants and exonerees, to help ensure that every voice on a jury matters. Today PJI is at the U.S. Supreme Court as the court hears our case Ramos v. Louisiana. 

To guard against a spirit of oppression and tyranny, and as the great bulwark of liberty, our founders promised the right to trial by jury to every person accused of a crime, which was uniformly understood to require the unanimous suffrage of twelve jurors. PJI’s Light of Justice Project Director, Calvin Duncan, and attorney G. Ben Cohen have undertaken to make good on that promise in Ramos v. Louisiana – a case about a man whose fate was determined by a non-unanimous jury. 

Read the Supreme Court Transcript.

Read more about the case at: 


The New Republic

Ramos v. Louisiana: PJI at the Supreme Court Today
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