Your donation supports:

  • Incarcerated people and their families: PJI staff make sure that incarcerated people still have strong family connections, basic hygiene care, and access to books and art supplies. Supporting PJI can help a child visit their Mom or Dad and get a hug, can buy a pair of eyeglasses, or make sure that an incarcerated person can access study materials for their GED. 
  • Civil Rights Impact Litigation: We litigate human rights and civil rights violations in prisons.  We fight unconstitutional conditions of confinement. 
  • Investigation and Reporting: PJI works to shine a light on subpar conditions in prisons and jails in Louisiana. Your donation funds our investigation team, and our published reports help city and statewide coalitions expose and demand better accountability and transparency from their local governments. 
  • The Fight for Unanimous Juries: PJI is fighting Jim Crow’s Last Stand. A legacy of Jim Crow led to non-unanimous juries in Louisiana which was overturned last year. There are still folks languishing in Louisiana prisons with unjust convictions. PJI is working to identify all of these people, and find justice for them. 
  • Ending the Death Penalty: The Death Penalty in Louisiana is applied unjustly and immorally. It costs our state tremendous amounts of tax dollars, and too many innocent people face execution. Your support helps us educate Louisiana about the damage capital punishment inflicts on all of us and helps fight against it in the court system.

End Jim Crow Juries

PJI's landmark U.S. Supreme Court case confirmed that non-unanimous juries are unconstitutional. Now we continue the fight to get people convicted with non-unanimous juries their day in court and a chance at justice.

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The Promise of Justice Initiative
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