Louisiana Survivors for Reform

Louisiana Survivors for Reform (LSR) is a coalition of crime survivors, homicide victims’ families, and organizations creating change in the criminal justice system. We are a group with a multitude of identities, and backgrounds united in the conviction that any approach to reform needs to include the voices of crime survivors and others directly impacted by the current system. Since 2018, LSR has been organizing through policy, education, and community. We believe that too often, victims are silenced or ignored, and we recognize that harm and healing exist on a continuum. We believe the voice of every survivor should be heard and that the primary focus of reform should be supporting all impacted individuals and communities, investment in crime prevention strategies, and restorative justice that is trauma-informed. To get involved or learn more please email lsr@defendla.org and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Join us for our next survivor's meeting on 12/15 and 12/17!