Strategic Defense Litigation

Systemic Flaws in the Capital Punishment System

The Promise of Justice Initiative uses strategic defense litigation to identify and expose systemic flaws in the capital punishment system, and works to educate the public on how deeply unjust the death penalty is, and the exorbitant costs to taxpayers that the death penalty incurs on us as a public. The death penalty in America is a broken system that leaves citizens unsafe, dishonors basic human dignity, and costs taxpayers millions of dollars.

Criminal Justice in Louisiana

We are dedicated to dismantling the system of inequality and harm in Louisiana. Louisiana is a hotbed of inequality and racism in the U.S. criminal justice system. Draconian sentencing often based on race and class is rampant, along with prosecutorial misconduct. Louisiana has the highest wrongful conviction rate in the country and has sentenced more innocent people to death than any other state. Since 1973, at least 164 people nationwide have been released after evidence revealed that they were sentenced to die for crimes they did not commit. In Louisiana alone, 148 years were taken from innocent people who were wrongfully sentenced to death.

LA Repeal

LA Repeal is a project of The Promise of Justice Initiative, a project dedicated to exposing the arbitrariness of the death penalty in Louisiana and finding better, safer alternatives that will make our community safer and stronger